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Softcore pornography videos
speak about cultural mores and their decline; advises us to be wary of pornography which may appear at the local newstand, malt shop or drugstore.

In reaction to perception of substantial growth in the distribution of pornographic material.

Homosexuality is considered pornographic per ows frank images often with censoring black bars across them the bars often obscure very little, simply adding to the air of licentious ness.

"For the sake of decency in this film we have partially covered the pictures and disguised the identity of the models." Excellent footage of magazine covers.

Striking art cards like the octopus shown as the symbol of pornography and its mass ur kinds of magazines shown: girlie, nudist, physique; men's adventure.

And cheap paperback exploitation novels.

Rare footage of gay men's magazine covers and interiors including "ONE" subtitled"The Homosexual Viewpoint" May, 1959.Voiceovers A flood tide of filth is engulfing our country in the form of newstand obscenity, it is threatening to pervert an entire generation of our American.

High-speed presses, rapid transportation, mass distribution all have combined to put this violent obscenity within the reach of every man, woman and child in the country."Through this material, today's youth can be stimulated to sexual activity for which he has no legitimate outlet.

He is even enticed to enter the world of homosexuals, lesbians, sadists, masochists and other sex deviants."They pornographic magazines constantly portray abnormal sexual behavior as normal; they glorify unnatural sex acts; they tell youngsters that it's smart, it's thrilling;.

This weakening also leads to vulnerablity to Communism."The military chaplains association of the United States, practically every major fraternal, civic and religious organization, the juvenile court judges, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, innumerable psychiatrists, sociologists, and psychologists attribute.

This moral decay weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the Communist masters of deceit."Discussion of nudist magazines: "Very few blind people join the nudist colonies." "A young boy in Philadelphia raped and killed a five-year old girl." He testified.

Today's conquest is tommorow's competition: supposed homosexual slogan.

Pornography and "fun" lead to illegitimate children and hefty financial burden on taxpayers."Life is presented as fun.

This warped idea of fun has contributed to the fact that one out of every twenty children born in the United States last year was illegitimate.

The care of these children cost taxpayers one billion dollars." Rise of VD, crime, violence."Sex-mad magazines are helping to create criminals faster than we can build jails to house them."Also shown is a plan for community organizing ntacting merchants; writing letters; checking your home etc.

"The law is our weapon." "Report objectionable materials to the police."Last line of film "Oh God, deliver us, America, from evil." Art card comes up which says the same.

Sponsored by Charles.

(yes, the banker implicated in the savings-and-loan scandals) as part of his long-lasting crusade against pornography, Perversion for Profit links sexually explicit media with homosexuality, lesbianism, violent crime, the Communist conspiracy and Satan.

Perversion for Profit was produced by Citizens for Decent Literature, Inc.

(CDL an nonprofit organization incorporated in the late fifties by Keating and two other Cincinnatians.

As the "Sex and Censorship Chronology" on this disc relates, CDL's anti-obscenity activities began in the Cincinnati area.

As the organization evolved, it began to assist police, prosecutors and citizens elsewhere to enforce existing obscenity laws and to promulgate new legislation against sexually oriented speech and media.

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