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bucks a minute you are.

Wealthy people selling insurance, beer, car batteries, beer, automobiles, beer, and beer.

robert Klein, there is good reason why a thirty-second commercial in the.

Super Bowl costs millions of dollars note (More specifically, an average of 5 million for a 30-second spot as of 2018.

As an historical point of interest, the price for a 30-second spot on Super Bowl I in 1967 was 37,500, equal to almost 280,000 in 2017.

The Super Bowl is always, without question, the most-watched program of the entire calendar year in America.

If you're blowing half your annual advertising budget on just getting the spot, the commercial better be pretty damned good.

This is so well known that many people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, creating the advertiser's dream: a three hour block of time where over ninety million people tune in to watch advertisements.

Many ad campaigns are debuted at the Super Bowl.

The commercials are generally given a much bigger budget, and quite a few include celebrity cameos.

Most will have a funny twist ending intended, as many commercials do, to help you remember the product or service being sold (although sometimes this doesn't work out ).

Many also go sexy (which can cause.

Distracted by the Sexy to occur on occasion each year being more titillating than the last.

Or so they did until the infamous ".

Wardrobe Malfunction " at Super Bowl xxxviii.

For even more meta-flavor, some commercials will recall commercials from years past.

Almost invariably, each year's crop of commercials will be called worse than last year's crop.

These days, organizations will sometimes deliberately create commercials that will be rejected, usually for being too sexy, for the publicity that generates.

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