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a Video Online, please submit an unlisted or Vimeo link without password protection.

Don't submit anything that needs to be downloaded or is password protected.

Send to, please include the childs current height (measured barefoot) and their current age and birth date.

Make sure to include contact information of the parent/guardian and a current picture and resume, if possible.

Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2020.

Disney Theatrical is seeking future replacements for Young Simba and Young Nala for Broadway and the North American Tour. .

Minimum weekly salary is 2,168.22.

Young simba: To play a male cub age 9 -.

Looking for a natural young actor/singer who is able to move well to be the future King of the Pridelands.

A natural talent with charm and charisma able to hold the stage on his own with confidence and truth.

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